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My Ford Ranger

Nov 16 , 2016

Levi and I have a a lot of fun on the morning show, and one of the beautiful things about it is the random inspirations we sometimes get.

This morning for example. We came on at 6:20 to talk about who the highest paid celebrities of 2016 were, concluded we were in the wrong industry and needed to become the next big country duet.


Me: Let's write a song for our next break.

Levi: Okay.

Me: Do you want it to be about a dog, a girl, or a truck?

Levi: Let's do the truck.

Me: Deal. Let's write it about the Ranger.

Levi: What should we say about it?

My Ford Ranger
By: Meredith Kerr and Levi Charest

Ain't got no winter tires
Just new all season treads
Sandbags in the back
And the radio turned on

My Ford Ranger
My Ford Ranger

Power windows broken
Power steering too
But who cares about all that
If the brakes are shiny new

My Ford Ranger
My Ford Ranger

I drive it all around
My four stoplight town
Groceries at the Co-op and
Chinese takeout in the cab

My Ford Ranger
My Ford Ranger

The song debuted at 6:40 with the question to listeners being what we should call our band, and by the time we got to 8 o'clock not only did we have a number of suggestions for the band name, but we also had a second track featuring Mary-Anne to put on the eventual CD.

You can hear the whole exchange here.


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